Futuristic Weapons That May be Game Changer in Warfare

The future is full of indications that war is imminent with powerful yet opposing forces awaiting mere provocation surpassing a certain threshold. The following may be the game changers when it comes to Futuristic Weapons.

Space weapons: Seemingly the earth has become too small for warmongers such that resourceful countries are exploring the possibilities of extending the battle into space.One of the options is the development of missiles directed to the moon that would possibly redirect asteroids to given targets on the Earth. It would change warfare drastically from what we know it.

Space weapon

Hypersonic cruise missiles: During a war, time is of the essence, of utmost importance. It is a situation where seconds determine whether you lose or you afflict the enemy. Cruise missiles can accurately deliver warheads to targets that are long distances away. It is a game changer as quick strikes are implementable before enemy combatants flee the target area.


Drones: With an increase of ease identification of humans during a war, the use of unmanned vehicles commonly known as drones is the way to go. These can be piloted remotely and achieve the desired outcome more efficiently than mere men.


Electromagnetic rail-guns: These enable the use of the magnetic field to launch projectiles at fast velocities and over long ranges. They are very precise.



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